Jon (chairman_mo) wrote in vg_review,


Welcome to the Video Game Review Collective.

I created this community for two reasons:

1) As a forum for articulate people who are interested in video games to voice their opinions.

2) As a resource for people who want unbiased, relevant, entertaining reviews of video games.

My reason for creating this is that most video game reviewers are either foamy mouthed Internet monkeys or pfoofy professional sell-outs. The former tend to hate or love every game that comes their way, generally for irrational and preconceived reasons. The latter inevitably are either working on sites that are distributing the games they review, in which case it's in their best interest to inflate all the scores, or they work for some independent intelligensia sites, in which case their main goal isn't to review the game, it's to use the game review as a means of showing how much smarter and more sophisticated they are than everyone else.

Old Man Murray did a fantastic job. Old Man Murray is run by lazy assholes who never update the page. I can't hope to ever fill their raggedy bedroom slippers, but perhaps as a Collective we can at least give some sensible advice to folks who just want THE TRUTH.
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